October 2005

Mon., October 31, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1)
Guest: Sherman Skolnick
Fri., October 28, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Bill Doyle lost son in WTC 9-11
Thu., October 27, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Bill Doyle lost son in WTC 9-11
Wed., October 26, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Bob Dumas POW Issue
Tue., October 25, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest Paul Craig Roberts
Mon., October 24, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Bob Dumas POW Issue
Fri., October 21, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Walter Burien website http://cafr1.com
Thu., October 20, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: William Rodriguez, has been declared a national hero for saving lives on 9/11. He was the last man out of the North Tower. Listen to him describe what he heard and experienced in the basement right before the building fell.
Wed., October 19, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Ellen Mariani on 9/11 lawsuit
Tue., October 18, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Mon., October 17, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest Dr Henry Niman,PhD on the Bird Flu
Fri., October 14, 2005: Rebroadcast of Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Thu., October 13, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Hurricane Katrina
Wed., October 12, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Kay Griggs and story about Jimmy Files
Tue., October 11, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Col Marvin website http://expendableleite.com
Mon., October 10, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Henry L Niman,PhD website http://recombinomics.com
Fri., October 7, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Kay Griggs
Thu., October 6, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Morgan Renolds on 9/11
Wed., October 5, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest: Terry Lee regarding opting out of the system
(You can reach Terry Lee at: by, 1312 Pinkston Creek Road, Kettle Falls, Washington)
Tue., October 4, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Guest:Dr Curtis Goebler
Mon., October 3, 2005: (MP3: Hour 1) Gregs first show on RBN, News regarding the shooting of an unarmed 70 yr old Puerto Rican Independence Activist, Sept 2005, Cameo Guest Appearance: William Rodriguez, who has been declared a national hero for saving lives on 9/11.
November 2005 Szymanski Investigative Journal RBN mp3 Archive

Greg Antohony Szymanski

Wed., November 30, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2 )
Guest: Lou Harrison, You may not know about Louise, but most of humanity in the latter half of the 20th Century have certainly heard of her youngest brother George. After 40 years experience she still greets each of her Global Family of Beatle People with real love and a warm hug. www.liverpoollegends.com. Guest: Bob Dumis has been searching for his missing brother, a P.O.W. from the Korean War, since 1953.www.missingpresumeddead.com.
Tue., November 29, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guests:Ray McGovern has a 27-year career as a CIA analyst serving seven Presidents. Ray is now co-director of the Servant Leadership School, which provides training and other support for those seeking ways to be in relationship with the marginalized poor. The School is one of ten Jubilee Ministries, not-for-profit organizations inspired by the ecumenical Church of the Saviour and established in an inner-city neighborhood in Washington, DC. He is on the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. He wrote a chapter in Neo-Conned Again.www.neoconned.info
Mon., November 28, 2005: MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guests: R. Renee, WTC Lies and Fairy Tales http://www.rene-r.com In the second hour Greg interviews Dan Nelson.
Fri., November 25, 2005: Rebroadcast of Friday, November 18, 2005
Thu., November 24, 2005: Rebroadcast of Monday, November 14, 2005
Wed., November 23, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Jim Tucker
Tue., November 22, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )
Guest: Nila Sagadevan
Mon., November 21, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Joan Mellen A look into JFK's life and assassination http://www.joanmellen.net/)
Fri., November 18, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guests: Elaine Jarvik and Phil Jayhan
Thu., November 17, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Wed., November 16, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Tue., November 15, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Bart Sibrel (http://www.moonmovie.com/) Were the moon missions faked?
Mon., November 14, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
1st Hour Guest: Professor Stephen E. Jones and
2nd Hour Guest: Mordechi Vanunu
Fri., November 11, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Thu., November 10, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Wed., November 9, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Tue., November 8, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Mon., November 7, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)

Fri., November 4, 2005: (MP3: Hr1)

Thu., November 3, 2005: (MP3: Hr1)

Wed., November 2, 2005: (MP3: Hr1)

Tue., November 1, 2005: (MP3: Hr1)

November 2005 Szymanski Investigative Journal RBN mp3 Archive

December 2005 Szymanski Investigative Journal RBN mp3 Archive

Greg Anthony Szymanski

Fri., December 30, 2005: Rebroadcast of Friday, December 16, 2005
Thu., December 29, 2005: Rebroadcast of Thursday, December 22, 2005
Wed., December 28, 2005: Rebroadcast of Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Tue., December 27, 2005: Rebroadcast of Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Mon., December 26, 2005: Rebroadcast of Monday, December 19, 2005
Fri., December 23, 2005: Rebroadcast of Friday, December 16, 2005
Thu., December 22, 2005: MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Don North, is a former journalist for NBC and ABC discusses the current state of the media.
Wed., December 21, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2) Hr2 is missing, if you have it saved please send it in.
1st hour Guest: Zona Phillips,Flying home for Christmas in 1985, three years before the Pan Am bombing, 248 American soldiers and eight crew members died when their chartered DC-8 jet crashed after taking off from a refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland. It was the worst U.S. military air disaster ever. Icing of the wings was immediately suggested as the cause, although Islamic Jihad terrorists quickly boasted of blowing up the jet. the worst aviation disaster in Canadian history. On Dec. 12, 1985, a chartered Arrow Air DC-8 crashed less than a minute after taking off from a refueling stop in Gander. All 256 on board were killed, including 248 U.S. peacekeepers returning from duty in Egypt.
2nd hour Guest: John Mecca is back to finnish yesterday's discussion about frequency, electronic, microwave, implant technology and experimentation. (http://www.us-government-torture.com/)
Tue., December 20, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2) Hr1 is missing, if you have it saved please send it in.
Guest: John Mecca, is an author and inventor. For more information write to: 119 Whittier Drive, Kings Park, New York, 11754, or visit his web site, http://www.us-government-torture.com/,or call to find out more (631) 360-1557. If you feel that you are a victim of implants send your findings to:timetogo@optonline.net. In the second hour Greg has difficulties with his phone line and John Mecca takes over the broadcast as an emergency host.
Mon., December 19, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: James H. Fetzer Distinguished McKnight University Professor University of Minnesota Duluth talks to Greg about 9/11, JFK and Paul Wellstone. http://www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer.
Fri., December 16, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
1st Hour Guests: Cothilde Mack, Wendy Owens, Julie Harol, and Molly Carp with www.seeds_of_peace.org, come together in an attempt to get Mrs. Mack home before Christmas.
2nd Hour Guest:John Kaminiski,author, journalist,and prolific writer whose works can be found at: http://www.johnkaminski.com/, for profound insight into 9/11, Iraq and the current administration.
Thu., December 15, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Andrzej (Andrew) Suda One day he realized that his Polish girlfriend was a spy and he then went to the FBI. Among other things, there was evidence that local congressman, then Chief of Armed Forces Committee, gave his girlfriend a Green Card after Department of State attempted to deport her. Then her old INS file disappeared, it wasn't available even for the Office of Inspector General of U.S. Dept. of Justice. He approached the O.I.G. after an incident where the FBI exposed him to the Polish network. O.I.G. did a good job and were able to get HARD EVIDENCE OF FBI WRONGDOING. Unfortunately, Washington forced O.I.G. to stop. His investigator from O.I.G. was quickly transferred to San Francisco and doesn't want to talk to me any more. http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/v/suda.htm.
Wed., December 14, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
1st Hour Guest: Rachel Lea Hunter is running for Supreme Court in North Carolina. http://www.rachelforjustice.com/
2nd Hour Guest: Susan Elms http://www.astarheart.com/
Last :30 Guest: Vic Sadot, activist, zydeco, folk music author and performer teams up with Greg to talk with callers and listen to his The Nightmare of New Orleans http://www.zydecoplanet.com
Tue., December 13, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Dylan Avery, Director and producer of Loose Change, talks to Greg about his new film Loose Change II and about his recent segment featured on his local Fox affiliate.
Mon., December 12, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Ellen Mariani talks to Greg about her recent MSNBC appearance on Scarboro Country
Fri., December 9, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
1st hour Guest: Kay Griggs, Colonel Griggs, her husband, was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff, as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations. He was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled. Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins. http://www.kaygriggstalks.com.
Phil Jayhan, checks in to update Greg about the second day of the Tampa, Florida 9/11 event.
2nd hour Guest: Sofia Shafquat, 9/11 Mysteries is a documentary film Sofia hopes will open the minds of her audience and expose the facts by breaking it down to four subcategories: demolition, high jackers in planes, war games, and who benefits. She defines "narrow casting" and tells Greg he is a "narrow caster". http://www.911weknow.com. http://www.avatarpolitical.com.
Thu., December 8, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guests: Tom Ashworth - is a Captain in the Marines, Sherman Skolnick http://www.skolnicksreport.com/ and Phil Jayhan http://www.letsroll911.org/
Wed., December 7, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guests: Jimmy Walter, involved with the 9/11 truth movement, created an event "The New Perl Harbor Confronting the Evidence the Real Investigation Into 9/11 2001" in Tampa, Florida. from http://www.reopen911.org/ and
Col. George Nelson, Eric Hufschmidt and Nila Sagadevan, are members of (SPINE) Scientific Perfessionals Investigating Nine Eleven.
Tue., December 6, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Vic Sadot is a poet, activist, and Zydeco folk music writer. They discuss ideas and methods that influence his music and listen to some, as well. http://www.zydecoplanet.com/
Phil Jayhan Greg's undercover reporter calls in to report on the 9/11 Truth meeting in Tampa, Florida. http://www.reopen911.org/
Mon., December 5, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Calvin Moser, Housing and Urban Developement (HUD) supervisor lost 35 co-workers in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building.
Fri., December 2, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )
1st Hr. Guests: Greg checks in with Cothilde Mac and promises that we will get her home before Christmas. Karen "Og Dog" Roush saved and photographed many of the four legged Katrina survivors. www.tailsofkatrina.com. ogdog93@aol.com. 2nd Hr. Guests: Meredythe Dee Winter, Dave Williams, Suzanne Thomas, and Rodney Webb are all trying to save the horses left behind in New Orleans after Katrina Hit.
Thu., December 1, 2005: (MP3s: Hr1-Hr2)
Guest: Mary Schneider is a Court Adjudicated Official Federal Whistleblower FIRED for reporting on-going Treason of Briberies and Cover Up Conspiracies that are 'Giving Aid and Comfort' to Illegal Muslims by rewarding numerous felonies with amnesty. www.maryschneider.us.